Saturday, July 18, 2015

the sweetest couple I ever loved

The CEO is the guy who you tried to force Dr. Seuss on. He wanted to read that book about the farm equipment every night but you so loved Horton Hatches the Egg.

Poor guy suffered through more than a couple of nights, but I don't know that he'll ever read Seuss to a child.


It seems fitting that when considering how to pay for auto repair, house repair, life repair that one would consider the best person for the job would be the one I was always trying to entertain and somehow we made it. I mean, he didn't starve.

And he grew up with this incredible common sense, one that skipped a generation but if it had to you're glad that it skipped you.

So tonight I upload photos to his site, and I can't show it to you yet. And because it is my photos I can't tell you that you'll be wowed or impressed. You've seen it all before.


Because you've seen it all before you will know how important it feels for me to be able to still do something for/with him.

I plan on being his first customer.

What I am going to purchase is as much as I can of a gift for him and her.

My apologies for all the missing nineteen dollars, world. Next month he gets it.

Today I am grateful for pure intention and purpose. I am grateful that you can never retire from being a parent, that once you're there you're never not.

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