Monday, July 6, 2015

she says it's personal

What she wants to do is a blog that is more factual and with evidence and should she be concerned about copyright? Should she do it? Honestly.

The woman who does not normally use exclamation points, exclaims three times. Yes! Don't worry about it. Do it. Honestly!!

Later I wonder. Should I advise anyone to make a commitment to the internet?

I didn't tell her to do it everyday. I didn't even suggest that she give herself a deadline maybe once a week, 'cause I really don't know what's good for her and her audience. Though I do know I love her work. Through the years when she has asked me if she should take on a project or follow through with an idea I've always exclaimed yes.

There is this weird kinship I feel with her. Those knowing looks, the laugh, the we made it through the wringing our hands worry and look, it's been forever.

Yes, friend, you should. And I would never tell you that I am an expert on anything except grotesquely personal. Ridiculous even, but I did come here thinking I would strongly consider what I threw out here for the world to see. As time has passed I've considered it even more to the point it changes how and why and what I do.

That somehow I am not even a writer or photographer anymore. What anyone else calls me is less important now. I am just a blogger and after ten thousand hours of blogging I will have reached the Mt. Everest peak of a masterblogger which almost sounds too much like another word that may be more fitting. Maybe. Maybe we all are.

Dear friend,

You will most likely run the risk of sounding like that other thing. Good for you. Do it.


Today I am grateful for a beautiful distraction in the form of a question.

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