Thursday, July 16, 2015


The conversation I have to have in my head before I have the one out loud goes something like this.

"Is there a relief?"

I don't know if she is going to know what I mean, but part of me says she will and that part of her would respond.


And I am scared that sometimes I understand her.

Snake in the Tacks, Oil by Phillip R. Jackson
Meridian Museum of Art 39th Annual Bi-State Art Competition

but then.

I think about how I just spent the past four days in heat and on roads and in only two barbecue joints and the Natchez Trace and Buford Pusser in Tennessee and air conditioning and how if you watch TV you suddenly realize that every part of the world can be saved for only $19 a month.

And if I learned anything in a conference it would be about networking. And that people should be good at meetings because meetings are where connections either happen or don't happen and so much of me just loved being in a car on a road with trees and deer and mounds and wow this place is beautiful. No music, no podcasts. Just directions and the wind coming through our open windows.

Today I am grateful for that kid, that car, that job, that barbecue sandwich. (thank you, Tupelo)

I am grateful that when asked the question, "How was your Dad's surgery?"

I could write, "Phenomenally well." (and I never use that word. but now. yeah.)

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