Sunday, July 5, 2015


On November 17th 1954 the family spent $73.36 on Switchman dues. That next September they gave $201.51 to Pop. Mechanics. In February of the next year $223.23 went for burial insurance. They paid $228.05 on their power bill, though they got a room for $18.64 that same year.

Psychedelic Dream by Cindy McDaniel
Mixed Media
Meridian Museum of Art’s  24th Annual People’s Choice Art Competition

Today I gave away watermelons. Three went to strangers, some were left on doorsteps and others were given to friends who I wanted to hug. One even gave me a kiss. 

19 checked, rubbed, discussed but not eaten. So, you know, you hope the family who got a yellow and a red are thinking that they're good. You’re hoping that those are the best watermelons they ever put in their mouths.

Were they ready yet? was today’s question and lesson. And I still don’t know if I learned anything. What I do know is that wanting to understand rather than be understood was what I went into that watermelon patch with. 

Maybe I’m getting better at that, but I’m still not totally there yet.

Today I am grateful for a couple of family ledgers, the opportunity to hand kindness to family, friends and strangers. I am grateful to sit in a living room, shake the hands of a new family in town. I am grateful for how it felt to leave a watermelon beside a couple of doorsteps. Free food that is good for you delivered by who knows who. For how while doing my deliveries I thought of all the people I could deliver watermelons to. Now I just have to get nineteen more. 

I am grateful for the patch where I can get them.

I am grateful for my Dad’s watermelon patch and the opportunity to pick watermelons with him this morning.

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