Wednesday, June 10, 2015

venturing out

Going Home, a silver print by Julia W. Gary at Meridian Museum of Art 39th Annual Bi-State Art Competition

He emails, "I was kind of hoping you would say that. I found a cool gravity feed system that looks wonderful and the straw is working out. We walked 14 miles today and are camping by the car now. Love you, see you tomorrow."

And my playing it cool reply is, "Sounds good. You two should sleep well tonight. Love you!! Tomorrow it is."

What I spend the rest of the evening thinking about is that guy and that girl, I so love that they are doing this. I love that what they are doing is a type of survival at it's best. The type you plan for. Order the waterproof map. How will we filter water? Backpacks. A tent. What will we eat? There will be bugs, some we have never seen. Make sure we leave it as we found it or just a little better we will begin to understand it. Together.

Once you get past being lost and wondering if the sun will ever stop beating down or you are begging them to stop and crying repeating, "We have no idea where we are. The trail ends there."

And you realize that this is not your best moment. You are not standing as a good role model for three teenagers. You break down but because those boys took some type of solemn oath not to throw themselves, you or each other off a cliff, they find the trail and cut through where the tree had fallen. 

And there were times when we all needed each other and at least one of the other pulled through to past the thirteen (the day the rain never let up) miles till we finally found where we parked the car.

Rain gear. Pack some rain gear.

Today I am grateful for state parks and national forests and those people everywhere who work so diligently to preserve place where we can be our finest and our not so great. I am grateful that those two venture into the forests and plan ahead and change plans and allow time for me to hug them and be in their space.


Still one of my favorite movies of all time. (and that's a lotta time.)

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