Monday, June 8, 2015

this is not a race, you

This is a dance.

This is Ray LaMontagne's Gossip in the Grain. It is romance. Falling in love with the hum of air conditioning, a swept floor, a breeze on the back porch. It is Fred, the possum with beady eyes and every damn bug on the earth circles that light.

It is finding a rhythm, a comfort where you can read and listen and see and sweep and throw away and a cold shower for both you and Billy Sue.

Tonight was the first night in over two years that you missed TV because you didn't have air conditioning and yes, air conditioning is a complete luxury. That Carrier guy, smart man. The person who fixes my air conditioner, complete genius.

Though some may call it a race, this is falling in love with a place

and a people.

and a rhythm.

So life is a circle because now we have returned to the music and the dance. And this is not a race, you.

This is love.

Today I am grateful for a porch, a phone, bare feet and concrete, and the chance to meet and know that I will watch bloom a young, beautiful, brilliant leader.

Even better.
Children will be following.

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