Sunday, June 21, 2015

this guy

It is the way he looks at Wyatt. That's why I love him.
The sweat on his shirt.

He was in the watermelon patch, vibrating while destroying weeds.

I had to scream, "Daddy."
Then more shrill, "Hey," while standing next to the fence.

He turned around, put the weed eater on hum, looked at me.

Then I said, "You gotta come take a picture. Jason and Wyatt are here."

Once upon a time and that time is now there is a man who loves his family. And that man is nothing more or nothing less than a man whose three children call him Daddy, Dad, Father, Sir. Because that respect, he not only deserves it. He earned it.

Today I am grateful for 67 worry stones, for how a walk turned into a collection of prayers for a man who we got to keep for another day.

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