Friday, June 19, 2015

not a planner

"Don't put your trust in walls." Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagna

Around that curve was fine.

It's going to be okay or it's not and even after it's not then it still will be or won't and something somewhere will be okay or maybe not. We'll make it or we won't but even if we don't then people still will or they won't and hopefully

it's Friday.

Vacate, lady.

Anxiety can be defined as a default thought when everything you see is the worst most horrible thing. You may grit your teeth. The muscles running along the right side of your neck could very well tighten and become knotted when someone you love is in pain.

And somehow you have added to that pain by not being the best person you could be. Because if you really loved him you wouldn't act like that. You wouldn't do or say those things. You would plan better for

you know,
something catastrophic happened.

'Cause anxiety is fearing something catastrophic will happen.
You and me, we've seen it. Catastrophic happens.

The only way I know to avoid catastrophe which is never avoiding catastrophe is to not plan for it.

People lost their Dads this week, today even. I have friends and family that won't have their Dads with them because they never have their Dads with them anymore. There are people who never knew their Dad. Some who could have been better off not knowing that guy.

What I know here now is that I am one very fortunate person.

Today I am grateful for a weekend to treasure that my Dad is still here to get mad at me, to help me, and there is still time for me to be a better person. Because not doing that is not avoiding catastrophe.

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