Monday, June 15, 2015

why vacate

Monday is that first wave.

A writer once wrote that he hated the word vacation. It was too much vacate. If you were being exactly who and what you wanted to be then why in the world would you remove any part of it or you or why would you vacate anything?

Anyway. Monday is that first wave. Except I haven't laughed yet. And I wasn't ready though I've lived through several first days back to the world that for a few days I didn't look back to all the things undone and not taken care of and Monday came crashing down.

The ocean said, "Here's Monday. Now brace yourself for Tuesday because as soon as you fully feel the push of that first wave the second is already pulling. And this is life, chic. By Wednesday you'll remember to dive into it as the weight of it carries over you."

Or you won't but as soon as you do things will once again start happening without you not taking of enough because you tried to put your hand in everything.

Focus. (when you dive you lift both arms centered above your head. fingers touching. bent at the knees. push from your feet. come on. you know how to do this. yes, there is a whole ocean and it is teeming but here comes the next wave and it's right in front of you.)

1. Transmission.
2. Floor.
3. Class.
4. Work.
5. You have to walk.
6. Simple foods and water. (do not complicate what you put into your body)

This is life. You are blessed.

Today I am grateful for music that stays, for no matter how ungrateful I may seem I can't imagine life without my family and friends and a broom and air that is cooled and a job and shoes and how it's never a bad thing to realize we weren't taking care of the simple things because we went looking for all the complications of the world. (silly. you are forgiven. now learn and get back to work.)

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