Tuesday, June 30, 2015

it's nice to breathe

My second photo made the website and looks comfortable, I think.

(That website has become a cozy living room where people who love the same as me meet once a month. I love when a photographer's work becomes so familiar that you recognize them by what they do. I've just been told that I have a chance to actually meet all those people next week.)

"I grew up with an ambition and determination without which I would have been a good deal happier. I thought a lot and developed the far-away look of a dreamer, for it was always the distant heights which fascinated me and drew me to them in spirit. I was not sure what could be accomplished by means of tenacity and little else, but the target was set high and each rebuff only saw me more determined to see at least one major dream through to its fulfillment."

Earl Denman
Alone to Everest
Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, page 91

He says, "It's the applause. It's the crowd standing, the cheering. That's why they do it."
That's why he does it, the guy I talked with today. The guy in charge of the weight room.

He says, "Kindness is a heroic act," while he wears a hero's uniform.

She says, "Reading gives you empathy," and then she tells us all what empathy means.

Today I am grateful for an early morning interview where I was able to see young people wide awake and hard at work preparing for a season. I am grateful for bags which named those that carried them heroes. I am grateful for a lunch of smiles, an evening swim and time to read.

It's nice to breathe.

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