Thursday, June 4, 2015

conversation notes and simple food

There is this little patch of land alongside the road. It has what would be considered a wheat by the untrained eye. Mine is untrained so we'll call it wheat. What my eyes love is how the morning sun streams down and through the gold of that wheat. How it sparks. I didn't have my camera but if I did I think I would like to show that to you.

Anyway the backstory is I grew up with someone just like him in my life. A police officer. Well. Not a police officer, a highway patrolman, and he's a sergeant for a sheriff's department. Law enforcement because he saw an episode of Cops when he was twelve years old. In that episode he saw a guy beat his wife. He also witnessed the type of authority which was used to stop a situation he knew was not right. He said, "That's me," at twelve years old. He was the first in his family to take such an oath.

Like the guy I grew up with, he's a good guy. Someone concerned with his family, neighbors, community, state, country, world, earth, universe. He is a caring man who knows he can do something for a future. He wants to do what he can in order to make it safe for his children and wife and you and me and our children. I think it's always good to listen to what those men and women say.

He said he never wants to kill anyone. What he wants to do is develop a rapport with children and their families. He wants to help, and he does.

Today I am grateful for backflips and water and how one cousin and one sister look at that one girl who is the expert of all swimmers and plays music they dance to. I am grateful for eighteen fresh eggs, lemons and peaches. I am grateful for plans made with that special guy and his girlfriend.

Bananas. I am grateful for bananas. And nuts. And tap water with ice.

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