Saturday, June 20, 2015


I had one of those aha moments. Like I'm four years old, and a teacher just watched as my eyes in an instant flashed with I realize how to read.

And if I could reply to that writer I would respond to him.

We vacate for perspective, brilliant sir. Thank you for urging me to think about how I can get so caught up in one world that I forget there are so many others and sometimes having to search and filter water and putting up a tent and sleeping on the ground beneath me is just what the doctor ordered.

Because seriously sometimes so much can be too much no matter how bad or good it is so showing your heart and head where to go is not such a bad thing.

I think I vacate the me in a situation where I may find a million ways I have failed and I count them against me in whatever game I'm playing until all I have to do is monitor/find/filter water, hike and eat. I found that I could so I come back with the confidence that I can do all those other things that are needed.

Today I am grateful for how it feels to carry what I need and how each shoulder can share that load. I am grateful for how it sounds when I click that backpack across my waist and again across my chest. I am grateful for waterfalls. For how when you finally get in that tent you go to sleep okay with the knowledge you're sharing it with at least one but most likely many ticks.

Being that exhausted shows me how I love to be.
And it reminds me of what my Dad has always been trying to teach me.

Carry your load.
Work till exhaustion.

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