Monday, June 22, 2015

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The risk is you are talking to the wrong people, and the people who are listening will only be frustrated by your insistence they should be doing something that they are already doing.

And there is always the ever popular in your own head, What do you know anyway?

Other than
1. You skipped thirty-two days during your junior year of high school.
2. You think to the point you believe that in order to function society must maintain a schedule, that our children must be taught to show up to a particular space for a specified amount of time so that they can survive if we die. And we all will. We will all die. And our children may be left with other children like we are now and they will all be trying to figure out a way to survive and hopefully thrive.

They have to show up. Right?
And attendance is about showing up.

We have a system for thriving, and though that system is admittedly flawed, it is the best way we have found to date to give every child access to knowledge.

We're not talking college. We're talking learning to read in the language they speak.
First things first.

What if the children who are not receiving an education have parents who don't see the importance of an education?

How important is an education?

(I can't read an article like this without reading the comments. Those people are way smarter than me.)

So here's the deal. All over the world there are children being "left behind" for a myriad of reasons and if I read too many articles everything just jumbles in the my brain till I look at the clock wondering when I can stop thinking about work like I'm waiting for some bell to ring.

I have to get simple with it, because complicated is just well, you know      complicated.

The issue of showing up sounds simple, but we'll see.

Today I am grateful that both my parents were in complete agreement when they came down on me like a hammer after finding out about my truancy. I am grateful that they valued an education enough to force me to at least get my high school diploma. I am grateful that the habit of showing up was shown to be important, and it was at the very core of how I was able to feed my child and relay the same message to him while he was eating.

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