Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a day filled with butterflies

He is science.
She is energy.
She loves to make people laugh.
She hardly says a word.

When it is over I realize that two hours have passed, and we did it. We completed the task.

However many vials and I don't know how many there were. I forgot to count. However many were no more. We pretended to be scientists and measured and stirred and heated and poured out of one bowl into another bowl and extracted and filled and in less than two hours we created something that people use every day.

We were totally disgusted and said things like Ewwwww and Ehhhhh Groooooss and Cool but we persevered and kept reading and following the instructions and when we were done we were excited about what we had made.

So we went home to talk about it. Or at least I did. Hopefully they did too.

Today I am grateful to be reminded of butterflies.

The strangest thing about today was walking out of a building and realizing the world had kept turning. It didn't stop for us while we were creating. Our little laboratory seemed to make time stand still, but it didn't. There was a feeling of relief in knowing nobody was waiting on us.

Also, this.

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