Saturday, May 9, 2015

whispered gratitude for a couple + selfie by Alton Fairley

Mrs. Thetis is clearly stating, "Girl, put your hair up in a side ponytail and put a flower in it. Then have lunch with me."

It's no secret but it is, I guess.

Mom tells me in the kitchen while she is preparing yet another family meal because one way she loves is through food. (fried wild turkey breasts, salmon patties, the list almost seems never-ending, but biscuits. Yes.)

She says, "You know he's real sweet."


"Your Daddy."


"Yeah. When we're alone he's kind and sweet and we're good when it's the two of us here."

The backstory is that Daddy is swearing Mom took his walking stick and hid it from him. He found it in the flower bed where he had been working, but he swears he would not have left it there.

A week later he is in the watermelon patch, and I notice his walking stick is nowhere to be found. Of course I had to mention it.

"Dad, where is your walking stick?"

"Can't find it."

"Think Mama hid it?"

"Now you kids laugh at how she treats me like it's a joke or something, but this is serious." He can't keep a straight face.

"Know what she told me?"

He loves these what Mama said moments in our life, "What?"

"She said you're sweet when nobody is looking. That it's all just a show."

He can't stop the full on grin but pulls back as best he can, "What?"

"She says you two are good and kind to each other and anything else is just a show."

"Well, we need to get up to the house to settle that right now."

"Dad, I gotta get to work but you know it won't work if one of us is standing there watching."

My first selfie was by Alton Fairley, and I'd have it no other way.

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