Tuesday, May 26, 2015

what we imagined

Bright Idea, Oil on Copper    Erin Hardin   Meridian Museum of Art

It's not enough to have a bright idea.
There must be some follow through.

1. Send two photos to the newspaper for her.
2. Put photos on a flash drive for her.
3. Write story about her. Publish it.
4. Write two stories for newspaper. Send them out for approval.
5. Go through five hundred photos. Cull. Edit. File.
6. Guitar practice.
7. Aunt Dottie.

She comes back like a trooper.

Today I am grateful for how great it still feels to splash a mud puddle, to feel a rain fall, to talk about summer and school and we forgot to do some things but then we needed to make a really great memory and we did. We went hiking in the rain, and it was crazy fun.

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