Saturday, May 30, 2015

what if you're not for sale

Today has been about doors. I mean, not all about doors. Just in the back of my mind, doors.

The Sowashee assignment.

I did not take one photo. I went through the archives, dusted off file cabinets, and decided I had to use something old, two photos.

One I knew until I couldn't find it.

So I had to find two.
And I did so now I have to send them to LP.

If you'd like you can see them tomorrow.

Another thing. Copywriter.

She asks, "What do you think about being a copywriter?"

I tell her that I hear the writing business has grown slim and that the only problem I have with the notion of copywriter is that I may have to write something I don't believe. So.

I don't.

And the photographs, I believe they are doors though they may not look like what you were thinking.
It took me a while.

Today I am grateful for a little slower, a little less worry, a little walk, a little swim, a little music.

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