Thursday, May 7, 2015

the slow release of a grip

Tomorrow she graduates from college.

And goodgosh. Seriously. If you ever wanted two people, a couple who the girl began to feel like a daughter but you didn't want to say anything because it's not your decision and you don't want to ruin anything and the boy.


The boy you had every right to claim as your son. He was. He is. What are we doing here?



She is crazy smart and lovely and she was the first one to ever place her foot on Billy Sue's head in the very calm, cool, I am Alpha and you will obey way. I was confused. On one hand I was all, Wait. Whut? Billy Sue, are you okay? ohmygosh. Shelby has her foot on my dog's head.

On the other, the one where I stayed silent, the one I chose to proceed with and watched and thought, Yowsa, girl. You are also courageous and self assured and absolutely awesome. I knew that the first time I met her.

Can someone please tell me where time has gone?

She is graduating college.
He is moving to her.

(they're both closer to me and will live in a Mississippi town known by those in the know for it's affordable yet chef prepared food)


(But still a selfish part of me wants to replay all that time that came after she came into his life. ohheck, let's just do it all over again.)

Today I am grateful for her and him and them, and it's so great when your son is in love with a beautiful girl.

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