Wednesday, May 27, 2015

tending is a selfish act

My love is too thin. You can't love this many people at once and tend to all that love.

So you have to select and know that everyone else is getting what they need. (or at least that's what you tell yourself so you can give as much love as you can to as many.)

She doesn't show up.
She does not call or have someone call. She just figures it will take care of itself.
And she's right.

Tomorrow morning will be rough. Not because I will yell or scream.
I learned that loud doesn't get you anything.
We will talk about commitment and responsibility.

Little Bird has already learned that.
Sweetie is like her Pop.
Both of them love him in their ways.

This month's theme is doors over at Sowashee.

She says, "How 'bout if I stand here and put one arm out like this and the other like this? I hold a basketball in one hand and my guitar in the other."

I see her standing there and tilt my head to the left, scrunch up my nose and say, "You're brilliant."

She says, "It's just how I think."

She was the first one to suggest that I not be so literal. Doors. My mind started thinking colors and if they were double or open or closed. I pictured doors, not the band, the thing you walk into or out of.

Until a child said, "Doors can be about choice."

Outta the mouths of babes is cliche for a reason.

Today I am grateful for help on an assignment.

She made me think of the perfect photo which I have not taken yet. Due by Friday evening.

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