Friday, May 8, 2015

me and you

He says, "You dance on tables."


"Your mama says it comes from my side of the family."

"But Daddy I don't dance on tables."

He pauses with a smile so sly it is as if he's saying she'll eventually get it.

I did.

Surely there is at least one question from the table dancer in all of us.

How many people do you need to listen or watch or what are we talking about? If we could have one or the other which do you prefer? Can you take photographs and write or should one overcome the other?

I went to a strip club once. I was in my early twenties and went with two friends from work at lunch. For me it was investigative discovery. I wasn't going to pay for a lap dance or do anything past give them enough money to sit in a chair in a dark room on a sunny Tuesday in Memphis. That cost too much. I was just going to observe because there was this thought that there was life outside of my existence and I had questions for it.

I got my answer.
We're all the same.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to my Dad when he talks.

Also, it's Jess's fault I'm listening to country music.

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