Tuesday, May 5, 2015

in the weeds

"It looks frozen."

"I know. Right. The way the light hits it. It's that morning glow."

She smiles, and we keep walking.

And I've been thinking that this week is supposed to be a big week of appreciating teachers. This is huge. You have to get all of your gratitude folded neatly and placed in a box of hours and space and there's no way to say that big of a thank you to those people.

And there are so many.

How do you write that?
How do you take a photo so brilliant and beautiful and
full of all that love you feel for all those teachers?

Do you say thank you? Do you buy them a cake? Send them a card?
Flowers always brighten someone's day.
I don't know, but tonight I need to write ways to appreciate a teacher every day of the year.

There are so many teachers we have to appreciate that it can't be just one week of the year.

Today I am grateful for the neuroscientists and social workers and motivational speakers and actors and they have their own children but they love ours as well and how do you say how much you love these people whose week it is?

Thank you, teachers.
Everyday. Thank you for what you do.

Off to write your article which will never be good enough. (glad I got that out of the way)

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