Sunday, May 10, 2015

I told her you were coming

Though admittedly I don't know who you are yet and I have to admit

I am seriously nervous about meeting you because of all those expectations and all those warnings and yes, I would ask about you.

And I'm still here on my best days on this path, walking all the way to the end and back till I had blisters on my feet because I love when my body aches and

I love a good swim to stretch in.


I said it out loud to another person and she didn't know what I meant but she didn't have to.
('cause it's ridiculous that I would know how I already love you and part of me is scared that that is why you aren't here yet.)

Today I am grateful for a conversation with a two year old in a pool where we waved goodbye to a waterfall and told it, "Goodbye, waterfall. It was so nice to meet you." Then we whispered, "Bye." And it was funny to whisper. Whispering made us laugh.

No sooner than I wished it something is here.

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