Saturday, May 9, 2015


There comes a time when everything you do comes with instructions on how to love those who had a mother in their life and by mother I mean a person rooting for you.

The face painted fan with a jersey she wears every day. That jersey has your number and every other number on it and as my Mom puts it, "Every someone needs that one someone in their life. It just takes one person who loves them like Mamaw Moore did me."

I don't remember Mamaw Moore, but Mom says, "She took us in and she organized us and she was a Mother to us." How my Mom learned to be a Mom is from a lady she respected.

And she taught me.

This is what I remember: 

Life is a never-ending list.

Believe strong and hard what you believe. Talk to people. Listen.

Love, no matter what.

Be the most beautiful you you can be. You measure beauty within yourself.

Give of your time and your self and never stop. (unless child. you have to have sleep. just make sure you take care of those around you and let them take care of themselves when they need to.)

Take care of you.

Whenever you have a problem with someone stand in the mirror and look. They’re staring right back at you.

When you give you take (physics) and don’t feel guilt about the good in your life.

Know that you are not alone on some island. Know that you have a friend in this world.

You are strong and powerful even when you think it is only you. With power comes responsibility so be as wise as you have learned to be.

Never, ever give up and know if that were one word it would not be in your vocabulary.

Today I am grateful not only for my mother though that is enough gratitude to fill this blog for the rest of my life,

insert ellipses. 

Because of her I am also grateful (number eleven) for that person in your life. Your face painting, jersey wearing, who has more awesomeness than anyone should, a man, a woman, that person or people who showed you what love meant because they defined it for you. You knew proper love when you first felt it. Everyone does.


Chantel said...

It's been an exhausting/lovely/wonderful weekend...and I've just cut & pasted "what you remember" into a doc to print and frame. Is that strange? Few things strike me like this...

Happy mother's day, my friend, and thank you for how you change the world.

Wait--you didn't know that? You do.


Shea Goff said...

If the best we could ever do is make someone's day a little brighter then you just did that for me and well, surely that's how it works. Thank you for the light, Chantel. It's always so brilliant from you.