Saturday, May 16, 2015

family and aging

There are these friends whose son or brother married a sister or a daughter, and they had the nicest little sweet country reception of backyard cookout.

What I knew is how important family is to my friends and especially that one friend who asked, "Will you come take some photos of this?"

"Just as long as you know that I am going to just do what I do and hope and pray that I get something you like. But yes. I get to meet the entire family. The pastry chef will be there?"

"Yes," she said.

"Okay, but you know you can't expect too much from me, though I think I can handle a backyard cookout."

It was exquisite and classy and lovely and I have to go through all the photos and send them in a link to her, but nothing I will do will repay her for allowing me the honor of witnessing such sweetness.

What a kid does to a photo.

And the food, of course, was delicious. Please don't tell the girl who has been drinking nothing but water and coffee for the past five months that I had some sweet tea. (and yes, that half a cup was worth every calorie)

Will work for food and sweet tea.

And a reminder of Where the Red Fern Grows because a great teacher may one day reach her hand out to you after thirty-five years. You will reach your hand out as well, and both of you will squeeze.

And the place was filled with hugs of all kinds.

And now my internet is saying no more uploading today. I'll take this as a message of, "Go to sleep, lady."

Today I am not only grateful for an honor, a friend, some great food and sweet tea but also a chance this morning to see my high school government teacher, Mrs. Bartee. Both she and my fifth grade teacher make getting older look like getting more fabulous.

It was a good day all around we'll say.

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