Monday, April 13, 2015

wa-la. distraction provided.

Sweetie runs after them quacking with a "kak" fully appropriate for a sixteen month old. Watching a toddler run and balance and not face plant is comic relief from all those things I still haven't completed.


Sometimes I think my favorite part of the play is when the ducks first notice her. She gets at least ten swift steps in before all seven of them synchronize a sudden head turn with each beak pointing at her as if they are pulled on the same string.

Before turning to this nature channel and finding this particular show I would have assumed that one duck would have been more aware than the rest. That duck would have been on guard for the others.

But nope. All the ducks turn at once and do the equally as accurate and simultaneous calculation of speed and distance and wind and wobble and turn and trot away.

Yes, she will grow. Ducks will go. But, you and me, we'll have this memory.

Today I am grateful for a duck toddler combination so sweet I stop and think, Thank you for that distraction.

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