Tuesday, April 7, 2015

until someone else makes you a list you have to make your own.

This is how you got back to the office. It was cloudy and you didn't know how far you were going to go. You were just walking because walking is incredibly easy to do.


1. Breathe. What were the numbers? Take for four? Hold for eight? Let out for nine?
2. Water through a straw. Pretend the straw is the cigarette. Water is good for you.
3. Walk.
4. Music.
5. Camera.
6. Listen. Talk.
7. Smile with people.
8. One article about a woman who is a teacher, a teacher who has to continue to be a teacher

because of what she does with those students who want to be a teacher one day.


She also rocks the world of business management while handling a grant to fund extra help in the afternoons and before school and before long you're all


The woman who will hopefully make me a list is going to leave a list
which hopefully has something
which says
document what our people are doing.

1. Students.
2. Teachers.
3. Programs.

So. Today.

Today you must

1. Write an article.
2. Two photos.
3. Breathe.
4. Go for a walk. (it doesn't always have to be the same path)
5. Drink water.
6. Listen to a kid practice guitar.
7. Vegetables.
8. Read.
9. Listen.
10. Write an article.

One day just blends into the next if you'll simply follow the list.

Today I am grateful for a guy who says it's okay to call and is okay if I don't. That all we ever had to do was be okay with each other. Maybe that's love and love just needs to

drink water through a straw.

make a list.

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