Thursday, April 30, 2015

thespian Jason

He says it's all an act. Everyone is acting. His profession does not only involve acting. It is teaching people they are acting too.

It's why I am here for the interview.

He set the time and the place and so many times in life all I have to do is show up.
So I did, and we talked.

"For the first time in my profession I am bringing a fan question. Someone told me to ask what type of shampoo you use."

He laughs. "I get that a lot. Genetics. Cuban. My wife buys me Pantene."

"I'll let your fan know."

Now the big question. What I have been wanting to ask. How do I build it? An argument maybe?

Speak on the exhale.

"I am not a big fan of your profession. I don't understand. I mean, I don't get it but someone told me your philosophy behind it and I heard you think we are all acting and I think that's interesting so can you tell me about that?"

"We are. Sometimes you are more frustrated than you show but you can't act out all of your frustration or you'd get fired or thrown in jail or you wouldn't get along in society. In my profession I can play an emotion till you feel it too. If I'm doing my job, that is."

Then we talked some more.

His mother died when he was thirteen years old.
He is dyslexic.
When he was a kid he heard people say, "He doesn't read well. He'll never graduate college."

(then something happened and I think there is some key that has the potential to unlock a door in all of us. That key in him starts with a hey. wait.)

Hey. Wait.
I know. I know those are the smartest people you know, kid.
And they are saying that you are not so smart at something.
It's okay. They can be smart, and you can show them you are too.
One does not negate the other.

Maybe we all rebel against something. The fairy tale ending somewhere in the middle of the story is that he did graduate college. Something, somewhere inside a kid looked at the people he loved and who loved him the most and he said,

"I can do it."

Today I am grateful for the people I meet.

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