Sunday, April 5, 2015


He uses sand fleas, and Shelbs saves one from a bird who is not but acts like a vulture.

"Where are you from?" He asks.

"Mississippi," we say not necessarily in unison but kinda that way.

"Oh. Mississippi. Casinos," he smiles and nods.

"Oh no," I say. "Not casinos. Music. Blues, ya' know."

Slater laughs.

The guy looks at me like why? He was simply being kind and trying to connect and it's ridiculous why I would care how he sees Mississippi and why I would want to change what was an honest answer.

Who am I trying to impress and who do I miss in these grand feats? Why do we need to convince anyone of anything?

Something I would most likely ask Annie Ford in Ruleville, MS.

Today I am grateful for a long walk,
a lucky guy who prompted a conversation about kindness,
a nice meal,
and photos so we could remember this.

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