Wednesday, April 1, 2015

one day you realized

note to self

that life was no longer a struggle
or maybe it's always meant to be
that suns rise and seas release

you stopped searching for something and allowed it to be
because you began to trust something here or there or wherever.

it never mattered.
no saving needed.

I don't care about you and care about you but it doesn't matter how I feel about anything.

it is the theme of the week
the prayer of presence,
a chant,
if you sing to beautiful music,
or lay in your bed and cry yourself to sleep,
if you are hungry or stuffed,
thirsty, dying, in pain or not,
it doesn't matter who or where
nobody in particular
the love you receive right here, right now is what you are giving.

ask of too much and it will be asked of you.
(but only love,
not hate)

Today I am grateful for the answers to my questions.

(I think nobody in particular bonded with homeless people. I think his book is the most interesting book I have ever read. Even more interesting is that I have to wait for the next episode or chapter or piece. It's crazy here. Crazy beautiful. Insane.)

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Chantel said...

So lovely...your heart, your eye, your voice.