Wednesday, April 22, 2015

now get to work

What I tell her is that I like the look on her face
and it's hard to take a photo of your Mom because of how much you love your Mom.
I'm just there with the camera. She nailed the photo.

The woman who organized the world and meals and schedules and still is the first call you make if you're not calling Eddie over at 911. My friend of the guy variety lost his Mom at a young age. He and his three siblings were denied the type of woman I had in my life.

And pity is not love.
And we know that.

Empathy is being tossed about now.

So maybe love is caring enough about someone to know as well as you can because you can't truly know (you didn't live it) but you do know that person is someone who was taught how to love by the people who surrounded him/her,

and you know what?

My Mom said it only takes one good person in a child's life.

That story is a fairy tale.

Like the one of Woody.

So Woody fought in World War II, and I loved him. Not while he was fighting, of course. The fighting was long gone by the time he moved out into the woods without the modern conveniences of a vehicle or electricity or the fancy which comes with such. The house was built by Native Americans but burned after Woody passed. His nephew received the property and years later built a home, a log cabin of sorts. It's to the west of where turpentine was made back in the day, but that's not either here nor there anymore.

What is is the memory of a man who would smile the biggest smile and wave the hugest wave to a young girl in the back of her Daddy's pickup truck. Now I know that I have no idea what that man looked like and I can't imagine it matters because Woody made a little girl feel loved so sometimes I still think church is down a bumpy dirt road.

And I try to go everyday.
Because there is prayer in everyone.

Today I am grateful for a turkey gobble and an owl hoot and mud and blue sky and clouds and how surely every kid can have at least one person who loves them in their life. Surely that's happening.

The only way to sleep at night is to forget that it may not be and know that your joints are tired from either walking the hills or pacing the floor trying to solve a deviously hard sudoku puzzle and thinking you're just not that smart. Or can't never could is a local favorite.

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