Wednesday, April 29, 2015

keeping it simple

"I am considering a trip."

"Huh. Where?"

"I've done a road map to both the Grand Canyon and Anchorage, Alaska."

"Ohmygosh. That sounds fabulous. Or the Appalachian Trail. We need to do that. Let's map it out and hike it to a certain state."

"Or the John Muir Trail. Did you ever watch that documentary?"

"Yes, and I realized I had seen it before. And I remember how much I hated it for that guy who had to give up."


"It killed me."

"Also. I'm doing this trip alone. Or Chris said a cruise."

"It kills me. But I totally get it."

If everyday could contain a sunset like today then we would consider it a grand adventure and love it for what it is. We had everything we needed today in order to make it to this point.

Today I am grateful for a phone call, for honesty and for knowing you are okay because life is a grand adventure and the freedom of a road trip is a beautiful thing. Carry on, my son. Carry on.

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