Sunday, April 12, 2015


"Can I read something to you?"

"I guess."

"It's not alright."

"I said 'yes'."

"It is the romance of the place. That's what I would focus on."

"Of course you would say that."

"Yeah but it makes sense. Love creates. Proceed with the rolling of the eyes. I understand."

"Love or lust."

"The two are not exclusive but can exist without the other."

"What do you know about either?"

"I've experienced both at the same time and each without the other."

"What if I changed it to this?"

"It is the romance of the place," I tell him. "That's what I would focus on."


"Love creates."

"I guess."

Today I am grateful for place, for a hard rain, for family and breakfast and leftover strawberry pie.
And there's nothing quite so romantic as a long afternoon nap and lighting a candle once the sun goes down. So yeah. I am grateful for romance as well.

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