Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear you,

There is practice and there is avoidance of practice until whatever you love to do becomes your life. I think. Anyway, right now we are doing this guitar thing and it may take and it may not and there is no way I am denying the fact that you learning how to play the guitar and write your songs and sing them is not at least partly me living life through you. (is that a triple negative?)

which I guess is not, you know, the greatest thing ever thought but

is that not at least part of what we all do. (drink a sip of water when you read the word not)

you like basketball.
you're gonna share basketball with your kid.

you like to read.
you're gonna share reading with your kid and possibly other kids until all the children like reading as much as you.

you like to garden.
you and that kid may grow watermelons together.

you like music but can't play or sing a lick. (or wait, that's me. not you.)
you are going to force a young child to do it for you and hope beyond all hope that they like it so much more than you

that they do it.
or not.
but no matter what

you have to tell yourself, "Yo, you. You've introduced the concept. Now just listen."

Today I am grateful for car conversations and singing to the radio and questions and answers and windows down and seat belts on and you, kid. I am grateful for how you see the world around you.


P.S. Someone said you can be more than one thing.

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