Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear me (the spoiled tycoon),

Hike. Everyday. Hike.

You can give so much that you give your light bill away, but you had to or so you thought or your internal argument at the decision making instant was, "I'll figure it out."

And somehow you did all those million times before but now you think, "I just want that to stop."


You create a budget.
Write down what you spend.
Copy a friend who is on a spending fast.
See what happens.

Energy $350 (turn off the porch light at night, chic. the cats will be fine)
Phone $65
Internet $65
Insurance (health and car) $150
Debt   $130
Food (human, dog, cat) $180
Soap $3
Shampoo (for Billy Sue) $4
Laundry detergent $9

April extras
Gift: $40.00
Already committed: One painting  $100

Luxury: Water hose, Pants or shoes  (it's gotta be the water hose)
You should have plenty.

Extra goes to pay off debt because seriously, you're an idiot. (but you don't have to always be)


P.S. That hike yesterday was fun even if he said to you, "You sound like a city girl talking that way." What was great was when you considered how he once fell in love with a city girl and married her and had three babies. Two of whom you call your brothers.

Today I am grateful for a long hike, recent tracks of deer, turkey and coon.
The mud, wobbling like sweetie, stomping out shoes felt a little like dancing.
And I couldn't beat a day of sunshine and cleaning.

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