Sunday, April 5, 2015

crumbling under expectation, a sunrise on Easter

Dear Son,

You wanted a sunrise on Easter, and Yeah. 
How could anyone say no to that?

It means getting up forty-five minutes before and making our way to the beach in the dark. 
It means throwing fruit and water and your bagel with cream cheese in a bag and driving to some public access.

I love that you have a watch.
I never know what time it is, but you conducted a countdown and there were a couple of windows when we didn't know if it would show and you said the internet said we have twenty more minutes so we conducted a Does the internet know what it is talking about? test.

And that was fun because yes, even you couldn't believe how accurate the internet was.
Still I don't feel like I got the perfect photo for you so that means that one day we'll have to do it again.
Just let me know when you can.


Today I am grateful for some time with my son.

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