Thursday, March 26, 2015

testing. two, three, four

In the most recent studies of a numerous kind we find our students are doing an amazing job. 
Now education is so specialized that it is being tested out the door. 
But there are these other things. They are called community centers.

Have you ever loved so much that the love became trees and a swing and a stump and kids and flowers and you had to say it loud?

Ms. Billings understands. So did her husband. He built her a schoolhouse. 

You can see him in these photos.

This is their place. (legendary really)
No Joke.
I'm serious.
I couldn't make this up.

Kids think I am funny.

(kids, I am not trying to be funny)

Tara is responsible for bringing me here. It is her fault.

She is the woman who introduced me to a woman with a schoolhouse in her backyard that she uses to teach and tutor children and these kids need what she is giving them at the end of day.

A swing. 
Plum trees. 
A stone patio. 
Healthy snacks.
Air conditioning in the summer.
Computers. Tables. Chairs.

You can't take everything in with just one visit.

Did I mention the sun is shining? 
Did I say anything about the birds singing? 
So were the children when we got there.

These people are doing such incredible things. 
The sun is so (can I do my homework here) beautiful there this time of year.

This is right before Ms. Billings saw them and made them turn around and do their homework. 
She is tough and love like a hug from a friend you haven't seen in a long time.

And someone somewhere said, "Right place. Right time."

(and I think because what is happening here needs to be said out loud)

Our kids pose themselves. 
I am simply there with a camera to point at how beautiful these children and these programs are.
Because if this is what you do with your life then you never stop or that's what a teacher taught me.

She is a photographer. 
I have to go back to see the photos on her phone and spend some time doing our own little photo walk.
Because I'm just that lucky in this world.

In fact, teachers teach that all the time for the rest of their sweet (insert all the best words here) lives.

I have to say it again.
I am grateful for the people of this world.
I understand the need for tests. I get it. We have to see where we stand, I guess.


Taking photos like this feels like being a kid again, 
and kids help you remember how great being a kid is.
Being taught is the best.

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