Sunday, March 15, 2015


There is a fuzzy sense of self when you love and are loved. The music is good. It's nice when it rains and you take a vacation to see someone else's life. The corners, the storage,

the yard,
the trees,
the trails,
the food,
the music,

And you compare it to what you now call home.

There is a distance to we can't wait to see each other and count the weeks. There is a beauty to that distance, a privilege of having time apart and then holding hands when reporting time back to each other. There is, "So this is what you were talking about. Oh, I remember this. I love this room with it's books and toys and is that an entire weight room?

That room is scary.

but the light. The light is good."

It is the hero status which must concern us. 
(I think)

Today I am grateful for opportunity right here in Mississippi, for what happens when you fall in love with and in your state. I know that sounds cheesy. but. it's Spring and hiking and music and camping and birds and the world turns colors. It's crazy romantic.

Plus, I kinda miss cheese of the extra sharp cheddar variety.

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