Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Just the other day a friend asked me about working with his new lights.

I told him he was going to laugh.
Then. "I don't work with artificial light."
(This is not true. Sometimes I have to take photos in rooms with all kinds of light so I should have said I never bring light to the photo. I think this makes me a light fatalist.)

Photography note here*
I did try some light, but either I am too lazy, too cheap, too determined to use the settings on the camera to get the desired results. Not ready, not ever going to be, or maybe one day. It doesn't matter.

Tonight the only thing that matters is what I told my friend.
I said, "Look at what Joe does. He's the best guy I know with light, and he teaches."

Tonight what seems to matter is what Joe said here.
Obviously I love his writing as well.

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