Thursday, March 12, 2015


Things I didn't say in today's job interview.

1. I don't think I can make your words any more attractive than you can. Thus, there is no need for me.

2. I am unsure of the visuals.

3. Hardback. (remember the cloth cover)

4. I think we are always going to return to that word "intention" when we need it. A project shorthand.

5. I am unsure of voice. Mine can be quite cynical, and I wonder where it belongs in here. I am trusting you to know when/if we see.

It's good that we have our first notes.
I am looking forward to our second ones.

Today I am grateful for a long walk, for the opportunity to work with my Dad in the yard, for how the rain kept holding off till later. I am grateful for four phone calls and how good it was to talk with all four people.

And nostalgia.
I like nostalgia.

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