Monday, March 23, 2015

mornin' Monday

What we learn when we learn from others is that the person hates to fight 'cause fighting feels like incredibly hard work. Like trees fell or a storm came through.

Seven miles walking till my muscles ached and then a short, making sure you were good, phone call. You answered and I should be honored. There is a part of me that is, and I should have told you that before, but there is another part of me who claims to have an opinion or thought.

You say ego. Would I like to read a book?
And yeah but no, I have no problem being accused of something.
Dad said I wasn't trained right.
The thing about Dad and me is that I see his point.
And I laugh because I think I have a point as well, and many times it can be differing.
(oh the person who has to listen to that diatribe. maybe here you had to)

Sometimes I think I want to be sweet and sweet is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I know. I've done it. Other times I'm feeling I can't get everything done exactly like I want it to…
and sweet goes out the window and knocks down a few trees.

Maybe two sides is not only to a story. It can be to a person as well.
(then the third one who tries to calm everyone down)

Today I am grateful for seven miles of dirt and ant beds and gravel and trees leaning and being like water on a cloudy day.

(there has always been a tomorrow. maybe I'll get another chance on Monday. maybe not.)

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