Saturday, March 7, 2015


Central High School Art Project: Tate County 1998

We speak of the one. The one true love of your life. You know, your one. The one you are meant to be with so I do a survey of people who could potentially be with their one. I mean, they've committed the rest of their lives to this one person. Solemn oath, swore in the good way, had a family, got mad and got over it.

Survey no. 1: Do you think you are with "the one"?

"Um. I think you put up with each other. I think it is a give and take.  Ya' know, compromise."

It's that word again. They are one of my favorite couples. I depend on them to always be together.

Survey no. 2: Do you think you are "the one"?

"I think she thinks I am."

I adore these two. Amazing, amazing people. 

Survey no. 3: Do you think you are "the one"?

"No. We have an arrangement. It works."

Love. I love.

Survey no. 4: Do you think you are "the one"? (couple)

"Oh yeah. Uh huh. For sure. Did you hear how we met? Yeah, my Dad made him do a puzzle for me. Well, that's how he courted. At my Dad's insistence."

"Yeah. Our first date I had to come to her house and bring a puzzle. So I brought a 1000 piece puzzle and until we completed it all of our dates were around a table with her family. Look how lucky I am? Have you ever seen her? She is amazing."

Yes. She is. He is. They are together. So these ones make a one. It's amazing.

Survey no. 5: Do you think there is a "one for you"?

"Well, you know. I thought that for thirty years and then my one went away. So. I guess I think we have many ones. Relationships that change us, help us to grow. You know."

"Yep. You. me. The us. We've become some kind of one. Haven't we?"

"Yeah, but I've matured some. "

Today I am grateful for pairs of people.


Anonymous said...

Charlotte Gordon Cumming: Love The One You're Wit…:

Shea Goff said...

Thank you. I never liked the song before because I always thought the writer was settling in some way. "If you can't be with the one you love…" Why couldn't you be with the one you love?

Your eyes are going to totally roll back in your head now. Seriously.


I went hiking alone this morning, returned home and listened to this. I mean, I know I'm not perfect but I'm learning to love me. I am definitely not the easiest, but it looks like she's the one I'm stuck with, and she's not so bad either.

cliché. cliché, cliché.

Anonymous said...

To everything there is a season

Shea Goff said...