Thursday, March 19, 2015

he said, she said, then me

He said,

"Worked hard my whole life. I was taught to work that way. Started hauling pulpwood when I was just a young boy."

Reaches his right arm out to show you how far the top of his head was from the ground when he was a young boy.

"Anyway. What was I saying?     oh yeah, I remember. For the last 45 years I've worked like that just sending the money home to my wife and children because that's what a man was supposed to do. How I was taught and tonight I was left by my family at a restaurant."

She said,

"We were talking about Jesse and her guitar, Bobby. We were in deep discussion."

She's trying to talk but the huge grin on her face and the sputtering laughter is getting in the way.

I said,

"Oh no. I put your crutch on the hatrack across the room. Oh Dad. Ohmygosh. That's why Mom was laughing so hard. I just thought she had lost her mind taking care of you all these months."

Today I am grateful for the dinner and show.

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