Friday, March 27, 2015


Life whittles down into survivalist tactics and you want to give the world the world.
But all you got is what you have and you know there is something there even if it is just work.

Take a photo.
(that photo will never be good enough)

There will never be enough light in this world from just me trying to shine something.
I can't keep batteries in flashlights around here.

That's why it's always important for me to remember there's always others.

This is the rundown from this past week.

Photographs galore of incredibly beautiful people.
Insanity. Really.
The fog is the best thing in the world.
It is thick and low and just hangs on the road.
A cloud visiting.

Five, count them, five magnificent people.
Then three more.
Another five.
And a 5K that I will need to walk, not run.
Life is a slow dance until you are in complete pain.

I want the world to end it's death and hunger and thirst and I want everyone everywhere to have the opportunity for light. Sun which only brings warmth. Shelter is no longer needed because rains are only here to feed the earth and the people.

I mean.
If we pray. I think we pray for the most personal of peace.
Sometimes I don't know where people find it, only that they do until that time.

Never cease is what they say.
Never cease
to pray,
to live,
to love,
to nurture,
to create,
to give,

If one of my brothers, either one, make a t-shirt I am required by law to wear it.

Remember this week when I said something about more.
I got the answer.

Always know and understand with more of everything comes more of everything, like responsibility.

So yes, he says.

"When I was was young. A little boy I asked my uncle for more M&Ms.
With both hands I said, 'Give me too much.' And seriously when he told me that years later I could just imagine cute little me looking up with both of those hands saying that. Just precious.

But now.

Now I think about that and think that is the prayer of presence,
and it is one of the most powerful prayers ever prayed."
- (His name doesn't matter. He is nobody particular.)

Meditations ever meditated.
Thinking ever thought.
Whatever you say it's okay by me.

It is the content rather than the name here.

If you see love and beauty and generosity and charity and this world.

This world is

community walking and running for children and family who lost someone who loved them the most.
That love spreads to many, many people because that love is just too much love for only one person.

So next week in my budget is a 5K for $25 and $25 to a group of people I love and loved because that's what they do/did.

William Moore
Renee Booth
Bryant Slay
Sarah Ivey
Tana Clay
Chrissy Kelly
Debora Nicholson-Warren
Peggy Doggett
Wesley Slay
Marilyn Graham
Your Mom
Your Dad
Your Sister
Your Brother
Your Cousin
Your Friend

and $8 to never, ever a child.
Never again.

Please, I ask for more.

Today I am grateful for more responsibility, for too much, for the advice of a nobody in particular writing a book.

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