Sunday, February 22, 2015


I think I'll choose this with a little more light for Sowashee Power & Light.
We'll see. I have some options.

This is a winter beach. Maybe it's not everything in that poem, but it's honest.
These are our winter footprints.

He refused to wear the snowsuit. I don't blame him.

Yesterday he was sick. Today, too.

Or should we do a bird?
Or measure distance?

You tell me.

You can even tell me in music.
What is some southern winter music accompanied by a photograph?

Note: Remember this.

The movie is Interstellar.
(once you have a child it seems at least a part of you is always trying to send them a message.)

My winter message is, "The world is huge out there. It's beautiful. Always remember that."

Today I am grateful for movies and music fest.

Room to Move by John Mayall will distract you.

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