Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the 500th child

Insert photo of four year old kid running at camera. No. Photo of him and those three.

That's what Imagination Library looks like.
It is a kid excited about balloons.
And his love of reading may actually be some type of memory like that.

That boy at forty may look back and say, Oh yeah I became a writer and yes, I remember when my joy of reading started. My reading first included balloons. It was a party getting books and a little computer and I think that


then I remember.

a book would come each month in my or mamaw's mailbox.

and we'd read.

It was like we had a party when that book came.
The party was called, "Let's sit down and read our new book. And remember if you read you get a balloon."

That kid loves him some balloons.

We mimic each other. It's how we learn.
That's at least one reason people say,"Read to your kid."

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