Thursday, February 5, 2015

step two. wave at a baby.

Her big sister is in an art show.
She is sitting with her Daddy and
 he pulls her toward his chest and
she looks over his shoulder.

Do not take a picture.
Simply wave.

If she doesn't know the hand movement or if she only does that for people close to her then she may just smile with all of her three teeth. Seriously. You'll fall in love right there.

And those other kids, look at the smiles on their faces.
One with her fashion glasses.
Two of whom I hope play either the ukelele or dulcimer or both.

And the parents and the grandparents and the women of the women's club and cookies and cupcakes and that punch is good, quote (HM).

Today I am grateful for community and the potential of seeing my Dad again.

The Power of Habit, pages in the middle of the book.
Tony Dungy kept everything simple. Simple tasks.
Keeping it simple keeps it something you can not only maintain but possibly thrive within.

I am also grateful for what happens when I wave at a baby.
Better than a cigarette.

Trigger: Big room with lots of people.
Habit: Find a moment to run outside, hide and smoke.

(smoking is antisocial behavior now. nobody has thought they were cool for decades even.)

Reward: Feel in control.

(it's tough to write that. control? please! out of control, young lady.)

Trigger: Big room with lots of people.
Habit: Wave at a nearby baby or someone or a dog. Find someone or something and wave.

(inanimate objects may need to be kept to a minimum here. don't carry around your volleyball in public. or do. what does it matter?)

Reward: Felt in control, I guess. Really didn't care. It became a really great place with lots of people smiling and Peggy. ohgoodgosh. Peggy looks great.

Today's note:
Keeping it simple works.

Tonight's music.
(I know, I know. depressing and old. but classic and beautiful, I think. I'll listen to some funk tomorrow.)

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