Monday, February 9, 2015


Keyboard player. We need to have some cash for a tip to the cup.
ohgoodgosh. what do I wear?

Pants, black of course. Make-up? Scarf? Do I have to put on earrings?
Please. You can wear flip flops to this joint.
How 'bout if I just come as me?

And I suggest the shrimp and grits or the crawfish linguine.
So I order for me but I don't know which yet.
I'll wait and see and get whatever you don't, and if you don't choose either then I'll pick the linguine.

And what I wonder about is the conversation we will have at this table (and I realize that it is such an absurd worry because we never stopped having a conversation in all these years)

And I want to see your eyes light up when you tell me about this book and this movie and this music and we'll have at least one slow dance. Right?

I've tried not to think about that slow dance too much, but I do think it could be, may be Kimbrough's Lord, Have Mercy on Me.

Today I am grateful for our reservations.

(I now understand what you mean by suspense and love.)

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