Saturday, February 7, 2015

question into story

You know those people who are sometimes mentioning color of skin when talking about people in general?

They seem racist. Don't they?

And yes.

There is racism in this world against every color that is or isn't.

give me one person.
I'll give you one person who thinks they are better than that person.
more times than not that reason is outrageously superficial.
For whatever reason. People are feeling really insecure about who they are because they see someone different than themselves and they are all well, surely I'm better than that person.

or worse.

and yeah.

people are silly.

master's thesis question: three four answers.

1. Jack Johnson
2. Ben Harper
3. Eddie Vedder

and oh yeah.

4. Heidi Swedberg

Anyway, I knew I'd get funky with it.

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