Monday, February 23, 2015

pain is sometimes quiet

It was at the top of a waterfall where the boys and I saw a guy stopping to rest beneath us off in the distance. The boys yelled out and waved. It made sense. We had spent the morning walking on a horse trail onto an uncertain wooded path until we finally heard the rush of water and then walked into the clearing. There we were able to fill our water bottles and cool off in the upper stream.

It was one of the boys who saw him first and yelled out and waved. The guy clearly heard him but ignored him and eventually walked away. The boy whispered a name for the guy and then went back to walking barefoot in the stream.

I asked, "How did you know his name was Dick?"

The boy said, "Whatever. He could have at least waved."

"I don't know. Maybe he comes here to be quiet, to make a huge decision, to mourn loss. Does he have to speak to us to be an okay guy?"

All three boys seemed to think about it for a moment then the moment was gone.

Until today.

Today I am grateful for people who reach out and for people who silently pray.

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