Friday, February 13, 2015

love stories

I am going to tell you this story.

They were in their early twenties and newlyweds without children. They lived in Oklahoma, but he was stationed in Chicago. She was taking a train to see him on weekends. They would eventually travel all over the world. She would take photos and write about their trips, but the weekend the above photo was taken was the weekend she left her hats on a train platform. 

But it was like love solved the problem.
Like love does. 
You know what I mean.

When you're excited to see someone.
I mean.
ohmygosh! I am going to see them. type of excited.
and you try not to think about it 

you don't want to expect too much or too little or before long you just can't wait
but you have and you're glad you did.

I imagine how she felt that day
leaving those hats she had planned to wear.

And I love she found that flower and put it in her hair.

Today I am grateful for love stories and that people continue to share them. 
It's like we need them in this world. You know.

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